Wednesday, October 27, 2010

blonde ambition.

in february i turned twenty and decided i needed a new hairstyle. so i cut all my hair off into a pixie cut. since then it has been various shades of brown, brown-red, and most recently red-red.  that is until last night when i went blonde. on the seventh of november michelle and i are going to be hair models for her mom's salon. there's going to be a fashion show and a street fair where we're going to be rocking our new do's and talking up the salon. (don't worry we will post pictures.) so in preparation for the fair we got out the bleach and went to work. 
this is what i looked like when i walked into the salon:
and this is what i look like now:
(clearly the bleach has seeped into my brain haha)
i freak out a little every time i walk by a mirror because i don't recognize myself but i am totally in love with it. 

on another note, i think i am a coke fiend. now before you get your panties in a twist i'm talking about coca-cola. i think i have reached a point where it is necessary for me to have a coke at least once a day. i was pretty much dragging all day today until this evening when i stopped by subway for dinner. after just the first sip i felt ten times more awake. this could become a problem with my wallet, dentist and waistline but it is so good. i guess it's a good thing i have souvie cups from a few places where it only costs a dollar to fill up!

hope you had a wonderful wednesday. :)

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