Tuesday, March 15, 2011

jeans like me.

This is the worst thing I have ever heard. One of my favorite blogs, stoollala.com, showed me this video, and I have watched it probably three times in a row to distinguish what the fuck made anyone in their right mind want to make this video.
First, the girl is not cute at all. like not even a little. JennaMarbles said she is a Screech look alike. and I fully agree. what are those teeth, what are those clothes? and why is most of this video shot mostly in your bedroom? and who the fuck let you lip sync? you are really bad at it and no amount of pointing at yourself will convince me otherwise. Sort out your shit first before you release this on the world.
I feel bad for the rapper in this video, he will never have any cred, and hes actually not half bad. however, he flushed his career down the drain with this abomination so oh well, won't be poppin any bottles of Cristal anytime soon because you will be broke as fuck.
hey, fyi, rhinestone embellished jeans are out, so whoever made that decision, kudos because it looks like shit. this poor lanky girl. I know its wrong to make fun of 12 year olds, but its also wrong to put this kind of crap out and call it music so I feel like all bets are off.  I wish her all the luck in the world because she is for sure going to need it. I'm sure she has rich parents so she won't be too far off. hope they didn't put all their eggs in this basket. Please let her drive the car, the mini cooper, no less.  Last I checked that's illegal, but no worries, that plaid hat will make up for it for the obvious law breaking.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

black keys


Brothers: The Black Keys

            The Black Keys…perhaps you’ve heard of them? They are the only the most hyped Grammy-winning band to come up from Akron, Ohio. Band members Dan Auerbach (vocals and guitarist) and Patrick Carney (drummer) have been together since 2001, making the American blues-rock music that people seem to love. They have been featured in Rolling Stone magazine and their music has been played in shows such as Sons of Anarchy and even in the Twilight:Saga.
            What’s new for these guys? This year on May 18, 2010, Brothers was released with a 15 track album listing. Talk about blowing up, this album sold over 73,000 copies its first week, the highest The Black Keys has yet to see. This album is loose and very stylistic with its unmistakable “Black Keys” sound. They really pulled out all the stops for this album with “Tighten Up” becoming their most successful single and reaching the top of the charts. There are risks taken with this album, and they are done successfully. Auerbach’s falsetto is done well, and shows the versatility of his voice, and his willingness to push himself past the comfortable and powerful howl that he has perfected. There is much to be heard from The Black Keys yet, and this album was only a sample of what is yet to come.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

for realz.

seriously. life could not get any crazier. well...maybe it could. but right now? its in overdrive.

I totaled my car. and no, not in a horrific accident (thank the good lord) but in the I rear ended someone way and therefore, I no longer have a car. upside? getting a new car. downside? its a pain in the ass.

tomorrow is my last day of class and I could not be happier. yes, I have finals but that means its over. OVER. I know many people are feeling the same joy and we should all rejoice together. as in a giant party.
with everyone we know. in a large venue. because thats what would hold that many people.

glad I got back to this blog.
here is a short comic.
and I just finished season one and two of the guild. amazing webseries. that is all.

happy end of finals :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

two weeks?!

i would like to apologize on behalf of myself and michelle for being silent for TWO WEEKS! wow i am seriously shocked. we took a little break because life was getting pretty crazy with school and work and...life but i hadn't realized it had been two weeks. so so so sorry! i promise we will never be MIA like that again. 

on a happier note, today was thanksgiving! normally for thanksgiving my mom and i drive to yuma to hang out with our family and have a feast around a long table and eat all the normal t-day foods along with some unique family faves. however, this year all the little clumps that make up my family were all travelling so we did not gather. at first i was little sad about this because i was going to be in charge of decorating the table but today turned out to be pretty great anyway.
coincidentally today was my roommates birthday so we started the day off with some french toast and presents, made up of mostly green things since it is her favorite color. then we spent the rest of the day cooking (well i didn't do much cooking since i am kitchen illiterate. haha.) and of course eating. after a day filled with food, love, and laughter i can happily say that i am most thankful for the people in my life that surround me and fill me up with joy. :)

how was your thanksgiving? what are you most thankful for?
gobble, gobble,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


so sorry for the such a long break between blogs! life has been crazy over here in arizona. 
recently, i applied for a job at coach for the holiday season so i wandered over to their website to see what kind of bags are out right now and whats new and exciting. of course, i found a million things that i want. 

yum, i love this kristin leather hobo. they also have it gray (which i'm a sucker for) but this emerald is a nice color as well.
i'm in love.

i'm also in love with man, charlie hunnam. i've been finishing up season two of sons of anarchy on fx. let me tell you, i'll take one of these boys anyday. 


here he is in his sons of anarchy glory.

thats all for now. happy thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

currently craving.

good morning!
last night i had a dream about puppies and thought i would share some of the adorable bundles that were running and tumbling through my dreams. 
when it comes to little dogs i'm not really into the little fluffy, cutesy ones. i like the ones that are a little more quirky or unusual, so that is why i am currently craving smush faced puppies!
i love these little guys, with their mushed in noses and extreme underbites. i want them all!...or maybe just one, for now. :)
french bulldogs:

boston terriers:

ahh look at these two! soo cute!

and just for michelle, pugs:

too cute! 
also i wouldn't mind having this little baby bunny:
or this one:
and especially this one:

what's your favorite kind of cutie?
hope you have a terrific tuesday.

all images found on google.  no copyright infringement intended.

Monday, November 8, 2010

anthro. part three.

and finally...
part three: home things.
here it is, the last installment of my anthropologie wishlist. it includes some things for the kitchen, bookshelf and even the christmas tree!
1. Bright Morning Teacups, assorted. $128
- these little cups are true to their name, they would brighten up any morning. such fun patterns.
2. Sweater Weather Candle Tin in Warm Gingerbread. $18
- this candle smells good enough to eat. we had it burning in the store and so many people asked if we had something baking in the back. yum.
3. Voluspa Maison Candle in Figue de Bordeaux. $16
- i love this candle, it has such a pretty tin and the scent is perfect for this time of year. it has a little pine and berry and other fall/wintery smells that would fill up a house and make it feel cozy.
4. Etcetera: Creating Beautiful Interiors With The Things You Love. $35
- these pages are full of beautiful, inspiring photos with ways to use the things you already have along with some antique and thrifted pieces to create a unique style.
5. Little Women. $20
- such a classic and with the most adorable cover. this is one of many of a collection peguin books has done with these cute cloth covers. i will hopefully own them all someday.
6. Lunch In Paris: A Love Story, With Recipes. $23.99
- a true story of the author's adventures of love, with food and men, in Paris. with recipes included. cute.
7. Cover Story Postcards. $25
- i love postcards and i wish more people would send them. the pictures on these are the covers of classic books. they would be great as wall art as well as a fun piece of mail.
8. Ring of Asters Sheet Set. $119.95(sale)
- the duvet on my bed is a deep teal with big white doodley flowers and i think these sheets would be a great set to pair with it. i love to mix patterns and i think the yellow, grey and black of these sheets would be a fantastic partner to the dark teal.
9. Savannah Story Ornament, Zebra. $16
- this is such a fun ornament. it was handmade in Haiti with recycled papers so it is eco-friendly as well as a great contribution to the rebuilding of Haiti. also in the herd are an elephant, a giraffe and a rhinoceros. i picked the zebra because they are my favorite animal. i would love to add this little guy to the mix of vintage, elementary school crafted and sparkly ornaments that adorn my tree every year.

well that's it for my christmas wishlist. hope it has inspired happy thoughts of the upcoming holidays. 

check back soon for pictures from the hair show michelle and i were models in. 

hope you've had a happy monday.