Thursday, November 25, 2010

two weeks?!

i would like to apologize on behalf of myself and michelle for being silent for TWO WEEKS! wow i am seriously shocked. we took a little break because life was getting pretty crazy with school and work but i hadn't realized it had been two weeks. so so so sorry! i promise we will never be MIA like that again. 

on a happier note, today was thanksgiving! normally for thanksgiving my mom and i drive to yuma to hang out with our family and have a feast around a long table and eat all the normal t-day foods along with some unique family faves. however, this year all the little clumps that make up my family were all travelling so we did not gather. at first i was little sad about this because i was going to be in charge of decorating the table but today turned out to be pretty great anyway.
coincidentally today was my roommates birthday so we started the day off with some french toast and presents, made up of mostly green things since it is her favorite color. then we spent the rest of the day cooking (well i didn't do much cooking since i am kitchen illiterate. haha.) and of course eating. after a day filled with food, love, and laughter i can happily say that i am most thankful for the people in my life that surround me and fill me up with joy. :)

how was your thanksgiving? what are you most thankful for?
gobble, gobble,

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