Friday, October 29, 2010

anthro. part two.

part two: accessories.
1. Do The Strand Necklace. $458
-this necklace is waaay too expensive so i'll probably never own it but it is the coolest necklace i have ever seen. strands of mini leather bound books! being the book worm that i am (remember i want to be an editor?) this is seriously the perfect necklace for me. maybe my friends and family will realize this and all pitch in to get it for me. (hint, hint)
2. July on Mackinac Necklace. $98
-this is such a fun necklace. it would add a whimsical touch to any outfit.
3. Petal Pouf Bag. $88
-this bag reminds me of an old lady's knitting bag which i love. i have an unusual love for old things or things that remind me of old things. (or things that old people would have) :)
4. Lovingly Prescribed Bag. $198
-i really like the structure of this bag. it reminds me of an oversized coin purse and i love the military vibe it has and the giant wooden buttons.
5. Pony Prix Tights. $28
-aren't these so cute? horses on tights. love it. clearly i have a thing for horses as seen in my freak out over the dress with horses on it in part one. these also come in a fox print. yes please.
6. Lost Glasses Sweater Tights. $38
-i love all these knit tights with unusual items on them. i feel like tights can be such a huge impact on an outfit and i love that these would add such an unexpected bit of playfulness.
7. Wingspan Heels. $98
-these remind me so much of vintage shoes from the 30's. and of peacocks. love.
8.Show Jumping Boots. $348
-i have been searching for some caramel colored flat riding boots and these are lovely. if only my wallet didn't faint every time it saw the price.

up next, home things in part three. see you then.

anthro. part one.

i have wanted to work at anthropologie since the moment i first stepped into one when i was fifteen. about two months ago this dream came true and it is honestly the best job i have ever had. i love being surrounded by all of the beautiful and unique things. from the adorable outfits to the creative displays, i get a dose of inspiration every time i go to work. plus i love all my co-workers too. :)
since we have already started putting out ornaments and christmas cards in the store i thought i would post a very early christmas wishlist of the the things i would love to have.
i'm going to break it up into three parts: clothes, accessories, and home things.
so here is part one. 
1. Endless Plains Blouse. $78.
-i love the sweet, femininity of this top. it makes me think of a cutesy farm girl.
2. Fauvism Top. $68.
-this top is so soft and in a great fall floral pattern.
3. Soldierly Sparkle Top. $68.
-a great upgrade on the traditional henley with metallic military like detailing and roll-up sleeves with buttons.
4. Andalusian Horse Dress. $298.
-i love this dress so much! navy, flowy chiffon dress with little white horses all over it, i couldn't ask for anything more.
5. Watercolor Folds Dress. $348.
-great colors on this dress. i also really like the interesting pleating and architecture.
6. Matriarch Skirt. $88.
-love the mustard yellow of this skirt and the geometric girls along the bottom. 
7. Sequin Flame Blazer. $158.
-sequins are so christmas to me so this would be perfect to wear over a dress for holiday parties.
8. Paperbag Crops. $98.
-love the fact that these are high waisted and that the top is bunched. way cute.
9. Shimmering Street Shorts. $98.
-i would totally pair these with dark tights and booties.

well that's it for part one. stay tuned for part two, accessories.

on the hunt.

i am on the hunt to find the perfect leather/faux leather jacket. leather makes me think of bikers, rockstars and badasses, which would be great if i could be all three at once, haha. give me that anyday.

forever 21 does not disappoint with this motor leatherette jacket, cute and affordable which is my favorite combo.

(photo courtsey of

 then, we have this beauty from diesel. they had in other colors but since it is one of their best sellers, they have since sold out. however, i kind of love it in the violet. and with the studs on it...yum. im dreaming of rubbing elbows with the rockers right now.

(photo courtesy of

I've never considered myself a juicy couture girl but I really enjoy this cropped jacket from juicy. super cute.

show me your favorite jackets! :)


Thursday, October 28, 2010

she likes hip hop and rock & roll

tonight me and cristen have hip hop so i thought i'd share video of a choreographer i found on youtube. she has such sassy choreography and i just love it. her name is emily sasson and this is body bounce.

don't you love it? check out her youtube page if you have time :)

now that my hip hop moment is over, i have been lusting after this alexander wang striped baggy sweatshirt.
isn't it delicious? i feel like i could live in it. cristen will attest to the fact that i have a serious stripe addiction. and its not an addiction i am going to lose anytime soon, especially when pieces like this continue to be created. well done alexander wang.

have a lovely thursday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

blonde ambition.

in february i turned twenty and decided i needed a new hairstyle. so i cut all my hair off into a pixie cut. since then it has been various shades of brown, brown-red, and most recently red-red.  that is until last night when i went blonde. on the seventh of november michelle and i are going to be hair models for her mom's salon. there's going to be a fashion show and a street fair where we're going to be rocking our new do's and talking up the salon. (don't worry we will post pictures.) so in preparation for the fair we got out the bleach and went to work. 
this is what i looked like when i walked into the salon:
and this is what i look like now:
(clearly the bleach has seeped into my brain haha)
i freak out a little every time i walk by a mirror because i don't recognize myself but i am totally in love with it. 

on another note, i think i am a coke fiend. now before you get your panties in a twist i'm talking about coca-cola. i think i have reached a point where it is necessary for me to have a coke at least once a day. i was pretty much dragging all day today until this evening when i stopped by subway for dinner. after just the first sip i felt ten times more awake. this could become a problem with my wallet, dentist and waistline but it is so good. i guess it's a good thing i have souvie cups from a few places where it only costs a dollar to fill up!

hope you had a wonderful wednesday. :)

betsey, oh betsey.

cristen and i visited betsey johnson the other day and i forgot how much i love betsey's evening dresses! i love the bright colors, frills, lace and hot pink tulle. taking a look at her website i found some winners that i would love to wear to a christmas/new years eve event perhaps? love the sparkle of the sugar and spice and the pattern of hartley is to die for. awesome models as well.

photos courtesy of

and while we were at the mall, we enjoyed sprinkles chocolate marshmallow cupcakes! thanks sprinkles for free cupcakes. they were delicious. 

(cristen and her cupcake, so cute!)

see ya. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

michelle is currently craving...

jeffrey campbell lita brown leather platform bootie

I am currently obsessed with this shoe. I have seen it everywhere. and on so many fashion blogs that I follow. and I love it. love it, love it, love it. I'm looking for a brown boot and this super platformed heeled one does it for me.

and on a different note, 
here is my momma at coffee with me this morning. she is a fabulous lady and an amazing hairdresser. 

ta ta for now and happy tuesday! 

Monday, October 25, 2010


hi. welcome to cupcake castle! we are michelle and cristen; best friends getting together to blog about the stuff we love. such as: fashion, design, DIY, color, writing, dancing, life.

we've each picked out a font to be our blog personality so that it's easy to tell who is writing. 
this will be michelle's font
and this will be cristen's font

here is a survey to get a little taste of who we are.

1. what is your name?

2. middle name?
nicole. twinsies!

3. how old are you?
21, forever twenty one

4. when is your birthday?
december twenty seventh, two days after Christmas.
february eleventh. i can’t tell you how many valentine’s day themed bday parties i’ve had. over it.

5. last movie you watched?
easy A (love emma stone, she’s the best)
easy a. big time girl crushin on emma stone, she’s ma gurl.

6. song stuck in your head?
Booty Bounce by Dev. she’s awesome, great style.
king of anything by sara bareillis

7. favorite color?
da purps. (purple)but I should probably put black because that’s all I wear. cristen scolds me.
teaaaaaal. any way you can imagine it, i love it all.

8. something you wish you could do/want to learn to do?
I’m trying piano…key word is trying.
sew. i think i’m going to take a class. or just mess around with my sewing machine until i produce a masterpiece.

9. a fun fact about you?
I take a hip hop class, I’m so hood. people are surprised.
i am slightly obsessed with my cat mango, so get ready to see her in some future posts.

10. what do you want to be when you grow up?
well, I’m going to school to be a graphic designer, but my dream is to work for a fashion magazine, live in New York, the whole thing.
an editor of books. or magazines. i am currently getting my degree in creative writing and i love it.

11. favorite holiday?
christmas…its like a two for one because then my birthday is close too!
halloween! and it’s almost here. can’t wait.

12. favorite place you’ve been?
san francisco. It’s gorgeous and so diverse. BIG Forever 21 there!
paris, france. i hope to live there some day.

13. favorite recent purchase?
vintage striped polyester shirt, thrifted from sunset clothing exchange 
military-esque cape from shopeileen

14. favorite childhood memory?
when I biked all day to a different city and my mom was about to call the police because she didn’t know where I was. it wasn’t fun for her, I’m sure, but it was my first real taste of freedom. SEE YA, never looked back. 
nickelodeon circa the 90’s. when tv was great. ie. doug, rugrats, hey arnold, are you afraid of the dark…etc.  also great although not from nickelodeon, recess and pepper ann.

well i guess that's it for now. we'll see you soon. thanks for stopping by.
m. & c.