Wednesday, March 9, 2011

black keys


Brothers: The Black Keys

            The Black Keys…perhaps you’ve heard of them? They are the only the most hyped Grammy-winning band to come up from Akron, Ohio. Band members Dan Auerbach (vocals and guitarist) and Patrick Carney (drummer) have been together since 2001, making the American blues-rock music that people seem to love. They have been featured in Rolling Stone magazine and their music has been played in shows such as Sons of Anarchy and even in the Twilight:Saga.
            What’s new for these guys? This year on May 18, 2010, Brothers was released with a 15 track album listing. Talk about blowing up, this album sold over 73,000 copies its first week, the highest The Black Keys has yet to see. This album is loose and very stylistic with its unmistakable “Black Keys” sound. They really pulled out all the stops for this album with “Tighten Up” becoming their most successful single and reaching the top of the charts. There are risks taken with this album, and they are done successfully. Auerbach’s falsetto is done well, and shows the versatility of his voice, and his willingness to push himself past the comfortable and powerful howl that he has perfected. There is much to be heard from The Black Keys yet, and this album was only a sample of what is yet to come.

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