Tuesday, November 9, 2010

currently craving.

good morning!
last night i had a dream about puppies and thought i would share some of the adorable bundles that were running and tumbling through my dreams. 
when it comes to little dogs i'm not really into the little fluffy, cutesy ones. i like the ones that are a little more quirky or unusual, so that is why i am currently craving smush faced puppies!
i love these little guys, with their mushed in noses and extreme underbites. i want them all!...or maybe just one, for now. :)
french bulldogs:

boston terriers:

ahh look at these two! soo cute!

and just for michelle, pugs:

too cute! 
also i wouldn't mind having this little baby bunny:
or this one:
and especially this one:

what's your favorite kind of cutie?
hope you have a terrific tuesday.

all images found on google.  no copyright infringement intended.

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Thekla said...

love this doggy<3

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