Monday, November 8, 2010

anthro. part three.

and finally...
part three: home things.
here it is, the last installment of my anthropologie wishlist. it includes some things for the kitchen, bookshelf and even the christmas tree!
1. Bright Morning Teacups, assorted. $128
- these little cups are true to their name, they would brighten up any morning. such fun patterns.
2. Sweater Weather Candle Tin in Warm Gingerbread. $18
- this candle smells good enough to eat. we had it burning in the store and so many people asked if we had something baking in the back. yum.
3. Voluspa Maison Candle in Figue de Bordeaux. $16
- i love this candle, it has such a pretty tin and the scent is perfect for this time of year. it has a little pine and berry and other fall/wintery smells that would fill up a house and make it feel cozy.
4. Etcetera: Creating Beautiful Interiors With The Things You Love. $35
- these pages are full of beautiful, inspiring photos with ways to use the things you already have along with some antique and thrifted pieces to create a unique style.
5. Little Women. $20
- such a classic and with the most adorable cover. this is one of many of a collection peguin books has done with these cute cloth covers. i will hopefully own them all someday.
6. Lunch In Paris: A Love Story, With Recipes. $23.99
- a true story of the author's adventures of love, with food and men, in Paris. with recipes included. cute.
7. Cover Story Postcards. $25
- i love postcards and i wish more people would send them. the pictures on these are the covers of classic books. they would be great as wall art as well as a fun piece of mail.
8. Ring of Asters Sheet Set. $119.95(sale)
- the duvet on my bed is a deep teal with big white doodley flowers and i think these sheets would be a great set to pair with it. i love to mix patterns and i think the yellow, grey and black of these sheets would be a fantastic partner to the dark teal.
9. Savannah Story Ornament, Zebra. $16
- this is such a fun ornament. it was handmade in Haiti with recycled papers so it is eco-friendly as well as a great contribution to the rebuilding of Haiti. also in the herd are an elephant, a giraffe and a rhinoceros. i picked the zebra because they are my favorite animal. i would love to add this little guy to the mix of vintage, elementary school crafted and sparkly ornaments that adorn my tree every year.

well that's it for my christmas wishlist. hope it has inspired happy thoughts of the upcoming holidays. 

check back soon for pictures from the hair show michelle and i were models in. 

hope you've had a happy monday.

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