Thursday, October 28, 2010

she likes hip hop and rock & roll

tonight me and cristen have hip hop so i thought i'd share video of a choreographer i found on youtube. she has such sassy choreography and i just love it. her name is emily sasson and this is body bounce.

don't you love it? check out her youtube page if you have time :)

now that my hip hop moment is over, i have been lusting after this alexander wang striped baggy sweatshirt.
isn't it delicious? i feel like i could live in it. cristen will attest to the fact that i have a serious stripe addiction. and its not an addiction i am going to lose anytime soon, especially when pieces like this continue to be created. well done alexander wang.

have a lovely thursday.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God that coreography is amazing!! I love it!!!


noura. said...

stripes are so amazing