Monday, October 25, 2010


hi. welcome to cupcake castle! we are michelle and cristen; best friends getting together to blog about the stuff we love. such as: fashion, design, DIY, color, writing, dancing, life.

we've each picked out a font to be our blog personality so that it's easy to tell who is writing. 
this will be michelle's font
and this will be cristen's font

here is a survey to get a little taste of who we are.

1. what is your name?

2. middle name?
nicole. twinsies!

3. how old are you?
21, forever twenty one

4. when is your birthday?
december twenty seventh, two days after Christmas.
february eleventh. i can’t tell you how many valentine’s day themed bday parties i’ve had. over it.

5. last movie you watched?
easy A (love emma stone, she’s the best)
easy a. big time girl crushin on emma stone, she’s ma gurl.

6. song stuck in your head?
Booty Bounce by Dev. she’s awesome, great style.
king of anything by sara bareillis

7. favorite color?
da purps. (purple)but I should probably put black because that’s all I wear. cristen scolds me.
teaaaaaal. any way you can imagine it, i love it all.

8. something you wish you could do/want to learn to do?
I’m trying piano…key word is trying.
sew. i think i’m going to take a class. or just mess around with my sewing machine until i produce a masterpiece.

9. a fun fact about you?
I take a hip hop class, I’m so hood. people are surprised.
i am slightly obsessed with my cat mango, so get ready to see her in some future posts.

10. what do you want to be when you grow up?
well, I’m going to school to be a graphic designer, but my dream is to work for a fashion magazine, live in New York, the whole thing.
an editor of books. or magazines. i am currently getting my degree in creative writing and i love it.

11. favorite holiday?
christmas…its like a two for one because then my birthday is close too!
halloween! and it’s almost here. can’t wait.

12. favorite place you’ve been?
san francisco. It’s gorgeous and so diverse. BIG Forever 21 there!
paris, france. i hope to live there some day.

13. favorite recent purchase?
vintage striped polyester shirt, thrifted from sunset clothing exchange 
military-esque cape from shopeileen

14. favorite childhood memory?
when I biked all day to a different city and my mom was about to call the police because she didn’t know where I was. it wasn’t fun for her, I’m sure, but it was my first real taste of freedom. SEE YA, never looked back. 
nickelodeon circa the 90’s. when tv was great. ie. doug, rugrats, hey arnold, are you afraid of the dark…etc.  also great although not from nickelodeon, recess and pepper ann.

well i guess that's it for now. we'll see you soon. thanks for stopping by.
m. & c.

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