Friday, October 29, 2010

anthro. part one.

i have wanted to work at anthropologie since the moment i first stepped into one when i was fifteen. about two months ago this dream came true and it is honestly the best job i have ever had. i love being surrounded by all of the beautiful and unique things. from the adorable outfits to the creative displays, i get a dose of inspiration every time i go to work. plus i love all my co-workers too. :)
since we have already started putting out ornaments and christmas cards in the store i thought i would post a very early christmas wishlist of the the things i would love to have.
i'm going to break it up into three parts: clothes, accessories, and home things.
so here is part one. 
1. Endless Plains Blouse. $78.
-i love the sweet, femininity of this top. it makes me think of a cutesy farm girl.
2. Fauvism Top. $68.
-this top is so soft and in a great fall floral pattern.
3. Soldierly Sparkle Top. $68.
-a great upgrade on the traditional henley with metallic military like detailing and roll-up sleeves with buttons.
4. Andalusian Horse Dress. $298.
-i love this dress so much! navy, flowy chiffon dress with little white horses all over it, i couldn't ask for anything more.
5. Watercolor Folds Dress. $348.
-great colors on this dress. i also really like the interesting pleating and architecture.
6. Matriarch Skirt. $88.
-love the mustard yellow of this skirt and the geometric girls along the bottom. 
7. Sequin Flame Blazer. $158.
-sequins are so christmas to me so this would be perfect to wear over a dress for holiday parties.
8. Paperbag Crops. $98.
-love the fact that these are high waisted and that the top is bunched. way cute.
9. Shimmering Street Shorts. $98.
-i would totally pair these with dark tights and booties.

well that's it for part one. stay tuned for part two, accessories.

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